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There's an Art to Preparing a House for Today's Market

Extra effort is needed to ensure your house appeals to the greatest number of buyers as possible and has that WOW factor.  Our affordable, customized property staging solutions will place your listing above the competition by highlighting it's best features.  We can help you gain the competitive edge you need while making most of your own furnishings to set the scene.  Vacant properties benefit with the addition of rental furniture and accessories - from simple vingettes to full furnishings.

Why Stage With Us?

  • You Will Make More On Your Sale 
    U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports that a staged house sells, on average, 17% higher than a non-staged house. Take advantage of your tax-free capital gain by getting every dollar you can in the selling price of your home.  Staging works!  


  • Your House Will Sell Faster = Less Worry and Hassle
    In today’s market, your house must be set apart from the vast competition.  Non-staged houses actually help sell  their competition!   Let’s get yours sold quicker than the six to nine month average.  


  • The Cost of Staging Doesn’t Cost At All …
    Staging is not about spending money, but making money.  It is an investment  that will pay off when your house sells for top dollar and one that will cost less than your first price reduction (an average of 5-10% of asking price.)  A recent survey of over 2,000 agents showed that sellers recovered almost 200% of their staging investment in the sale of their house.  


  • Make a Great First Impression
    Buyers will decide whether or not they like your house within 15 seconds of arrival – your property must immediately appeal to their emotions.  Professionally staged spaces will keep buyers moving from room to room and inside to outside, giving dozens of positive impressions and opportunities to see themselves living there.  


  • Most Sellers Cannot View Their House Through Buyer’s Eyes
    Buyers will always over-estimate the cost of repairs and re-do’s (dark paint, flooring repairs or replacing dated fixtures, for example.) They tend to focus on negatives first, so don’t give them a reason to go on to the next listing!  Selling your house in this market is a numbers game and you want your listing  to appeal to the greatest number of buyers.  


  • Only 10% of Buyers can Visualize the Potential of the Space
    Most home buyers can’t place themselves or their belongings in a personalized home.  By investing in professional staging, the guesswork is removed and each room shows how the buyer can “move right in.”  


  • The Buyer’s “Must Have” List will be More Flexible
    By accentuating the positives in each room or space (and downplaying the negatives), buyers will be able to justify changes in their priority list – all because your house shows how THEY can live there.


  • Your Professional Staging Options are Customized to Your Needs
    Every property is unique and each Seller’s needs are different.  The professionals at Interior Staging and Design, LLC, will provide as little or as much assistance in the transformation from personalized home to market-ready house as you need.  Please see our Menu of Services for details.






Staging Menu of Services

Because each project is unique.....
Please call or email with specific needs to determine pricing 


Initial Staging Consultation up to 30 minutes - no charge
Let’s Talk About Staging
Benefits, Trends & Statistics
How We Work

Vacant Home Staging Preview
up to 30 minutes - no charge
Rental furniture, accessories and soft goods planning
Artwork and soft goods planning

Staging Consultation
Prioritized Do-it-Yourself Report by room/area 
Post-Showing Agent Follow-Ups 
Full payment required at time of appointment.

Remember, we can help with as little or as much from your Staging Checklist as you'd like.  See "Design ReDesign & Other Services" tab for more information.

Real Estate Professionals
Please call for more information on our exclusive offer for your marketing package

Full Property Staging*
Pre-Stage Task List
Room Assessment
Furniture, Artwork & Accessories Placement
Pre-Showing Guidelines
Sold! De-Staging of ISD-owned items 

50% deposit required with signed contract; remainder due upon staging completion. A portion of paid Consultation Fee will be applied toward Full Staging Fee, as applicable. Some Pre-Stage Tasks performed by third party suppliers will require additional fees.

*Pre-Stage Task List must be completed by homeowner prior to ISD staging work.  Need help?  Remember, we can do as little or as much on that list as you need to Sell It!  See “Design, ReDesign & Other Services” section for details

Vacant Home Staging*
Pre-Stage Task List
Furniture/Accessories Planning
Rental Consultation, Selection and Placement
Sold!  De-Staging of ISD-owned items

*Pre-stage prep work must be completed by homeowner prior to ISD stage work.  Need help? See “Design, ReDesign & Other Services” for prep work provided by ISD. 

50% deposit required.  Insured homes only. 

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